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Re: Private message regarding: Free Parts, well almost

Are you sure you want to pay the postage for a package sent from FL. to CA. Seems to me cheaper to just go buy the wiring harness? But you were first so let me know?
I also sent it to the group, so there know you were 1st. Let me know and I'll go on to the next person on the list.
Tried to figure out UPS's cost from there web site, regular delivery. Would give me route, next was $77 and change. Maybe you can figure it out? My zip is 34769, St.
Cloud, FL.
Jason is next in line..  

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 1:01 PM, David Nielsen <davidmnielsen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I would be interested in everything. I was just about to buy one of the harnesses. And I would be happy to gift whatever I don't need or wont use to the next guy. I can mail you a check or paypal you all of the shipping costs.

Shipping would be to:

David Nielsen
6902 Aragon Circle
Buena Park, CA  90620


On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 9:41:36 AM UTC-7, DJ wrote:
 Dear Fellow Moparer"s (?),
I have some parts that I'm giving away, free of charge. New parts. You have to pay the shipping charges and for the box I'll be sending them in. More than likely, UPS. Now the bad news, it is that you have to take them all. I will list them and you decide if you want them, all or nothing. I just don't want the hassle of shipping to half a dozen people.
1.  4 dog dish hubcaps, 1967 models, holes in then. Excellent shape, see picture.
2.  2 Mopar Elect. Dist. Conversion Harness Kits # P3690152.
3.  mopar headlight foot switch  #01881938
4. An Alum. Master cylinder adaptor, for changing from old style to new.
5. Manual steering rebuild kit #04443436AC
6. The coil spring that goes around the brake line to protect when it comes up the fire wall, under the MC. About 4 feet of it, more than enough to do the job.

The follow are for the Gen I, hemis.(331,354,&392)
Water outlet gasket.
Stainless, bolts and washers for aluminum intake.
Stainless, bolts and washers for valve covers.
Stainless, bolts and washers for water neck.
Stainless bolts for sheet metal oil pan.
Stainless bolt and washer for distributor.

So, that is it, if no one wants them, recycler or garbage.

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