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RE: Friday puzzlers 6-12-15

Actually Ollie I thought the 63 Valiant convert was one of my old cars that I bought in 1966 until I saw it was a Signet. Mine was the same color scheme but it was a V200 bench seat car. And I love the Travco motorhome but boy he's not shy about the price.

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I like the first one..1963 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200 - $12500....
might be a bit overpriced...but I don't have any money so that’s not an issue !!! A nice vehicle.
PS...If everybody would chip money in the pot and buy me the motorhome, I would drive it with pride....

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Happy Friday all,

Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad or {my comments}. Plus a lead is included.

Gary H.

1963 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200 - $12500
["116560 original miles. That is about 2500 miles per year."]

1963 Plymouth Belvedere - $7500
["this car fully restored could bring in the $30,000 range....the original venetian blinds in the rear window that alone adds 1500 dollars to the has a 413 ci engine."]

1963 Plymouth valiant - $1500
["aluminum block slant six project car"]

1963 Plymouth - $7500
["The car was a three on the tree six cylinder, no engine, started restoration, quit."]

1963 Valiant - $300
["engine runs or at least it did a couple of years ago when I blew the trany."]

1963 Dodge Brothers Travco 270 - $58000
["Just be aware that any time you stop for gas or to camp you will have a crowd of people wanting to know about it."]

1963 Dodge Dart 440 Grandmas Car - $5500
["Set in barn nearly 40 years."]

1963 Dodge SWB Step Van - $850
["I bought this from a MOPAR freaks estate and the widow said she thought there was some issue with shifter but I never messed with it because I had plans of puttin a big block in it. Thx to pill heads/herion freaks, no rad....Would trade for badass small block Chevy engine."]

63 dodge polara 440 2dr Barn Find - $9850
["Heres the one time deal. Right now, before we do anything else, 1st $9850, after its runner/driver, $11,500. will be running very soon,"]


1963 Dodge 440 Wagon  $7995


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