RE: Seat Bracket Installation ??
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RE: Seat Bracket Installation ??

Your picture looks correct for the lower bracket. As Ricky pointed out the owner’s manual shows how you can adjust the seats for 3 different heights and change the tilt. And you’ll notice that the upper bracket that attaches to the seat is slotted so you can also get an extra inch or so of leg room.. I always considered these 2 piece brackets to be a poor man’s power seat. Unfortunately 1966 was the last year that Mopar used this set up, probably because it was cheaper to use a one piece bracket. I can’t tell you how many pre 67 Mopar owners I’ve run into that never knew the seats were adjustable. BTW this set up was used on both the bench and bucket seats.



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Discovered this when I had my ’62 bench seat out - If you look in the owners manual and closely at the brackets – they have some adjustment that the dealer could perform.  Loosen a couple bolts and the brackets adjust quite a bit on slotted holes.  I gained some headroom and leg room this way – as well the smaller steering wheel.  (Mooneyes steering wheel + Grant adapter #4





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Dennis, That's the way the brackets in my 64ragtop Dart mounted, but being of a larger diameter than I suppose the designers of the Dart seating must have been, I just moved the brackets back a couple of inches.  Had to make new holes in the floorpan, and wasn't too happy about that.  Went to a smaller diameter steering wheel, too.

A side note, use a soldering iron or other heat source to make the new holes in the carpet, NOT a drill!!! 
Don't ask how I know this!


On 7/5/2015 10:54 PM, dennis.1963ply wrote:

I know that this is simple but I have tried both ways and not that happy with the seat location in my 63 SF with bucket seats.

I suspect the problem may not be the seats it might be the size of the person trying to sit in the seat.  I have tried the brackets but ways and the way they seem to work best seems wrong to me.

I have attached a picture of the passenger outer bracket, is this the way it goes or do I have it wrong? 



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