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Re: Update on my car and a Questions

Perhaps if there was doubt it would be a good idea to run it up to a radioator shop while it was out of the car and have them give it a once-over?

On Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 11:12:08 AM UTC-4, Dan McCormack wrote:

I did have a bad experience with storing a radiator out of a 78 Dodge truck I had for about 6 months while I had the engine out. The radiator was fine before but after I put it back in I was having all kinds of overheating problems. I found out that if you don’t flush out all the antifreeze with water before storing it dry the antifreeze residue will crystalize and clog up the core. Had to replace the radiator.

Great color choice btw.




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Question first.  I seem to remember reading that a radiator can not be stored empty or dry with out it falling apart.  I've had mine out of my car and standing next to a wall in my garage for the past 3 years....I think.  So my question is have I screwed myself?  There was nothing wrong with it before....or is it just a myth that a radiator will rot sitting empty.  


Next question.....I'm taking my motor off the sub frame so I can repaint the sub frame, put in all new bushings and all that, so should I por-15 it and then just use a spray can of semi gloss to protect it?  Or should I just paint it and be done with it?


Next Question, While the motor is on the stand I'm going to replace the water pump (it's original) the intake, exhaust, carb, gaskets.  Should I also replace the oil pan gasket and front and read main seals or just leave those be?  What gaskets should I use?  A kit or just buy the ones I need?  It is not leaking anything but the gaskets are nearly 54 years old now.  I was also going to replace all the freeze plugs, since it will be easy to do.


Progress update.....


I've taken the summer off from work as it was a bit much for me anyway.  I've ripped the work room wall out the my garage so I can fit the whole car inside in one piece.  It's been in my garage but the sub frame was in my driveway.  So now I can work on the motor, sub frame, the body (cowl mostly) and then put them back together so my car will be able to move under it's own power by the end of October if not sooner. 


I had meeting with Eric Hayes today.  A very good friend and chrome repair and polisher near where I live.  We have been "discussing" the color to paint my car for years.  I told him if he was going to paint my car he could paint it the org color.  It's taken me several years to get him to agree to paint my car and he has...He's a perfectionist and does outstanding work...but he doesn't paint cars anymore but mine ;)  This is the color combo it's going to be.  This car is so elegant, sexy, pretty, bad ass and all the rest I just love it.  


I will post some pics in the next day or two to show my progress.  Thanks guys & gals



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