Re: 63 Fury door panels found
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Re: 63 Fury door panels found

If you think those door panels were tough to find years ago, try now. I agree with Eric that those panels would make someone very happy. 

Gary H. 

>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: Eric Sturgis  
>  Those are not that bad.  They look like they have all the trim on
>  them.  That's the part that you have to have to get new ones made.
>  They can make the shape, put in the lines, but they don't have the
>  trim...well for my car they don't I assume that's true for your 63
>  Fury parts.  I'm sure somebody will be very excited to buy them from
>  you.
>  On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 8:02 PM, Doug J   wrote:
>  >
>  >
>  > Above is a link (hopefully) that leads to pictures of some door
>  > panels I have from my first 63, which was my first car at age 16.(2
>  > dr. hardtop) It was a great car, and I owned it for 25 years or so.
>  > Never satisfied, I searched every salvage yard in driving distance
>  > for better parts. Finally I ran across a Sport Fury with a badly
>  > ravaged body, no drivetrain, but had a decent interior. I bought it
>  > for the interior and the trim, which I used on that car, and later
>  > some of the extra trim pieces ended up on my present 63. Point is,
>  > I could never remember what happened to the old interior parts. My
>  > mother passed away last March, and when cleaning out the house this
>  > spring I found the door panels behind a couple house doors in the
>  > basement. 35 years or so in a damp basement didn't do them any good
>  > to say the least, but it seems a shame to just throw whats left of
>  > them out, so I took some pics and if anyone could use them contact
>  > me off-list and we'll figure it out. They are warped and dirty but
>  > might be of use to someone for a driver, or a project that has
>  > really bad panels or none as a "get by" until better could be found
>  > ? Have a look and let me know.
>  > 

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