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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 4 updates in 3 topics

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Headliner depth.
Michael LeFevre <493mike@xxxxxxxxx>: Dec 16 05:03PM -0500

Hi fellas and gal,
Would one of you fine upstanding club list members measure the depth (close
is good enough) of your fabric style headliner ? I'm installing a roll bar
in my 65 Belvedere and want ...more
MO <micher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Dec 16 02:54PM -0800

Mike, for what it's wortyh--on my 64 Dodge the bows are right up against
the inside of the roof. Maybe just a fraction of clearance where the ends
of the bows curve down ...more
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Dodge History
ALIENVOICE@xxxxxxx: Dec 16 03:42PM -0500

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FW: Enquiry Louis Ponder
Ray Bell <raybell46@xxxxxxxxx>: Dec 15 07:37PM -0800

The Forward Look guys would have had the answers, though it surprises me
that nobody has mentioned just looking at the rocker (valve) cover shape,
that is the easiest way to tell.
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