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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 6 updates in 2 topics

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Radiator Fan well Photo
hmsevans@xxxxxxx: Dec 21 02:32PM -0500

Attached is a photo of the "fan well"
Did 1962 big blocks Radiators come with configuration as Original?
Eric Sturgis <ericsturgis@xxxxxxxxx>: Dec 21 12:39PM -0800

My 62 Newport with a 361 did not have that fan well in it.
On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 11:32 AM, hmsevans via The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Dec 21 09:38PM

Interesting information, some good fun trivia next season, thanks.
Nick T.
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Cast Iron Heads for 426 street wedge
tothperformance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Dec 20 08:18PM -0500

I do a ton of stock steel big block heads and I can tell you for a fact the 516 heads art the worst flowing head I have had on my bench for the big block Mopars.
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MO <micher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Dec 20 06:14PM -0800

That may be true with the smaller exhaust valves. Kind of depends on how
much flow he wants or needs. The 516 were stock with the 426 wedge and
they ran real well at that time. ...more
"mrrodder@xxxxxxxxx" <mrrodder@xxxxxxxxx>: Dec 21 06:34AM -0800

On Sunday, December 20, 2015 at 5:44:08 PM UTC-6, MO wrote:
> will turn your engine into a low compression
> dog..............................MO
> So by that logic the '69, '70, and '71 Super ...more
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