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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 20 updates in 7 topics

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Friday Puzzlers 3-4-2016
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 07:36AM -0600

Happy Friday all,
Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad; my ...more
"Bob Faunce" <bobsbelvedere@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 11:32AM -0500

He is asking $38,500 but is too lazy to get a decent picture.
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From: 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of ...more
Bill Parker <hemirr@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 07:26PM -0500

What we can see makes it look like a nice one, but would have to find the
just-right buyer for 38,500 I think.
Bill & Kathi Parker, South Central Indianas
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Looked like Mud
"jhanlon1903 ." <jhanlon1903@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 05:41PM -0500

if your rad is clean you can bypass it. itook a length of clear hose i
bought from home cheepo and ran it from water pump to therm housing with
thermostat removed after adding flush chem.
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Under carpet sound and heat barrier ??
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 06:32AM -0800

I'm going to be pulling the seats to do some work in my 1963 Sport Fury.
When I installed the carpet many years ago I did not install a carpet pad.
I'm ready to spend the time and money to ...more
Christopher Kroncke <g2c808@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 07:02AM -0800

Aloha Dennis,
I used DynaMat. In my 63 Spt.Fury Vert. It works well , if you don't mind
the cost. I did the whole car from firewall to trunk. The hardest part were
the doors with the power ...more
"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 10:21AM -0600

MuscleCar Restorations uses DynaMat exclusively…

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Sent: Friday, March 04, ...more
Travis Rice <travis987654321@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 04:31PM

While I was restoring the Satellite and using an orbital sander on the roof, it literally rang like a bell. At that point I decided to put sound deadener in not only the floor but in the roof and ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 05:06PM

Looks like you overlapped seams rather than butted – Probably helped.
What about spray in products like lizard skin – anyone used those? Seems like the bond to metal and coverage of every ...more
Mark Evans <hmsevans@xxxxxxx>: Mar 04 12:44PM -0500

The best results I had is with a silicone rubber with a fiberglass mat backing named KoolMat
Check their website, they make kits for different cars. I used it on a Austin Healey and it reduced the ...more
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 02:05PM -0800

Thanks for all of the good replies and suggestions.
As to being concerned about the thickness, the Dynamat is slightly less
than 1/16" so it will not be a problem. Actually I will probably add ...more
"Drüe Bloch" <andrewmbloch@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 02:29PM -0800

I went with Xmat from Eastwood. Same product, lower price.
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March 2016’s Mopar of the Month online
Gary Futrell <gary.futrell@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 03:01PM -0600

Looks great !!
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Torque Converter Thoughts
wheelsdavid2@xxxxxxxxxxx: Mar 04 03:32PM

I have a '63 Dodge 330 with a 440, .501 in. lift, 3.55 rear. I used to race the car (12.32 best, 1/4). It has a TCI Street Fighter converter, 3,000 stall. Originally I built the car with a Hughes ...more
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 10:14AM -0600

Still got the Hughes? Put it back in if it worked well on the street for
you before.
"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 10:17AM -0600

We just installed an A&A 2400 behind our 360 ½ ton Girl’s Night Out Rat Truck Project… Will be installing a 3.55 TrakLok 8 ¼ for next issue…

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Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 03 07:43PM -0600

That Engine Masters, Garden Grove, is that Calif? I had them Dyno tune my
59 Sport Fury in 63 if that's the case. I missed all of 65 and most of 66
as I was in Korea. Great car. Thanks for posting ...more
"catman@xxxxxxxx" <catman@xxxxxxxx>: Mar 03 10:16PM -0800

Great pics!!!
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Wiper blades refills
James Hunt <jshunt41@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 03 09:40PM -0500

Just got 12-16 Anco, they fit my Red Dot frames, but don't have the clip
like mine do.
Not sure how old, but they're better than what I had.
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 03 08:26PM -0800

I have the Anco blades installed on my 1963 SF however there is a problem
with them and the original arms. The adapter needs an arm with a raised
tit that clips into the plastic adapter. ...more
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