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Re: Weekend Follies

Aloha Jim.
 I am building a 426 max wedge clone for my 63 Ply Spt Fury vert. , Would those dist. parts work in my 426 ?  running 10.5.:1. Mahalo C

On Monday, May 9, 2016 at 4:41:01 AM UTC-10, JimJablonski wrote:
Happy Monday,

I took the '64 Fury out for some "test runs" yesterday.  (Basically I live out in the country so I found a nice two lane road in the middle of nowhere and created my own drag strip.)  Anyway, it was the first real beating I handed out to this car after the epic journey to finally get in all together.  Two words: holy crap!  This car hooks up and goes, even with the Hoosiers slicks still in the garage (I had my drag radials on).

Anyway, I had a few minor issues.

1) I broke the Strange Engineering adjustable pinion snubber.  The base is still bolted to the Dana rear but the top piece is long gone.  Hmmm.  May have to go with Caltracs?

2) I've had it with messin' around with Mopar type ignition boxes and going with an MSD 6al2.  I posted recently that the FBO ran great but it gave my Auto Meter tach fits,. so I put a chrome box on it.  The car runs good at high RPM but loads up at idle with the chrome box.  It did not do this at all with the FBO as I believe it is a multiple spark unit.  So the heck with it - Summit Racing just got another $300 out of my retirement account.  I think my 12.5:1 compression and long duration cam is just too much for a chrome box, but who knows, I'm just going to stick with what I know works on this particular build.

All-in-all, I couldn't be happier with this car and can't wait to get it to Milan Dragway for some real tests.  On the funny side, I had my 74 year old Uncle Johnny with me on one of the runs.  He had a big ol' smile and said "you could get hurt with this thing."  :-)

NOTE: I have a brand new, still in the package FBO ignition box with the ballast resistor jumper wire that I will not be using (FBO sent it to me as a warranty replacement after I sent them my old one for testing).  I also have a very barely used Petronix coil that they recommend for use with their box.  Happy to sell it to one of the folks in the group here at a good discount well below the $199 I paid for it.  If interested, ping me please.  Oh, I also have a new-in-box MSD Soft Touch rev limiter if you need one of those.


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