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Re: New Ride Added


This information is just was I was seeking. I will be sending you more info that that I now have including the original dealers invoice including the engine's serial number. BTW this car has dual taillights as built with the original wire harness. 

Nick T.

From: "Bill Watson" <chrycoman@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: New Ride Added

MODEL    S-P-2-H-43
BODY NO.     21
To go through the tag :

Model - S-P-2-H-43
S - Model year - 1962
P - Car Line - Plymouth
2 - Engine - V8
H - Series - Fury
43 - Body Style - 4dr Hardtop

Body No. - 21
The 21st model S-P-2-H-43 built.  Do not (yet) have figures for 6 and V8 SP-H-43 models, but a total of 327 Fury 4 door hardtops were built in Canada for 1962.  Also appears to have been built very early in the model year, so you probably have just a single taillight on each side of the car on the rear, along with a backup light.

The dual taillights came in the new year along with the option of bucket seats (from the Polara 500) and the SportSweep option (also from the Polara 500).  The bucket seats were available on Fury and Dart 440 sedans and hardtops while the Sportsweep was on Fury, Belvedere, Dart 440 and Dart 330 sedans and hardtops.

Paint Code - XX
X - Roof colour - Polar White
X - Body colour - Polar White
Polar White was Ditzler code 8293, which also used on US-built 1962-63 Dodges (Polar White), 1962-63 Chryslers and Imperials (Oyster White), and 1962-63 Plymouths (Ermine White).

Trim Code - SWM
S - Model year - 1962
W - Colour - Red
M - Material -

So the interior should be red (seats, door panels, rear shelf, instrument panel & covering, steering wheel and column, with white sun visors.

Looking forward to seeing some photos.

Have got most of my stuff sorted out after moving back from Toronto.  Now will be getting caught up on my emails as I know where to look for the answers!

Vancouver, BC

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