Friday puzzlers 6-24-2016
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Friday puzzlers 6-24-2016

Happy Friday all,

Mostly took a look at 1964 Dodge vehicles this week. Below are 11 ads with things I found puzzling or made me smile. Plus 7 leads located along the search. (7-11)

Gary H.


1964 dodge dart

 64' Dodge van A-100 A-108
["Definitely a project."]

1964 Conv Dodge Dart GT V8 auto Mopar - $5500
["rebuilt 273"] {has this photo:}

1964 Dodge Polara 500 - $45000
["Being so curious about that and also wanting to detail out the engine compartment I pull the engine and transmission stripped the engine totally. Observing of what was on the inside. rods balanced, forged crank, windscreen, deepen oil pan, oil pan plate and other observations point to this very possible being a Dvorak build."]

Dodge d100 ( off of American pickers)

1964 dodge polara 500  $4500
["appears to be anniversary addition"]

60's Dodge 1/2 Panel - $1400
["Most missing parts can be obtained from any pickup or truck of the same era"]

1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon - $8500
["drove once in 99, hasn't seen sunlight in years True garage queen)"]

1964 Dodge 330 - $6500
["w/388 motor"] {no photos}

64 Dodge 440 with 318 - $1000
["I am selling my Derby car I don't have time to finish it."]

64 DODGE 440 32k orig miles $15,000 obo.
["This car was originally purchased, owned, and driven by a little old lady here in Missoula, she's the only driver of the vehicle. Car has been sitting 30 plus years."]


1964 dodge van $1200

Dodge Dart AFX Funny Car, Project $7500 obo

1964 Dodge 440 - $15000

1964 a100 dodge window van - $2300 obo / trade

1964 Dodge Custom 880 wagon - $3800

1964 4 dr dodge polara slant 6 n 3 on tree - $800

1964 dodge polara - $556
{no photos} ["parts car"]

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