Re: Monster Mopar Report - Wrap Up
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Re: Monster Mopar Report - Wrap Up

Excellent news and congratulations, Don.  Interesting that your car prefers the 2,000 RPM line launch as mine does, too and I think we are running very similar Dynamic converters.

Great work!


On Monday, August 1, 2016 at 6:58:58 AM UTC-4, Donald Gallimore wrote:
Performance wise, I made my forever goal of a sub-12 second run. Did a 11.91 at almost 114 on Sunday morning in spite of the high humidity. Made a 11.95 run the previous evening for my first sub 12 second run.  So I'm a happy guy. 

In eliminations, I went out in the first round on Saturday with the breakout 11.95 run on a 12.00 index. Surprised the heck out of me that I picked up a tenth on that run Learned that the engine likes to be cool when it runs, prefers higher shifts at 6000 rpms and lower starting line launch of 2000 rpm. All that picked up a tenth in slightly denser air.

Sunday, I went out in the second round. I put weight in the trunk (spare tire) and backed the timing off 4 degrees. Hit an 027 light and had plenty of room to slow down at the top end so didn't have to make a full power pass. In the next round, rolled too fast into the staging beams and messed up my timing and ended up red red lighting by .044. Too bad because the other guy had an absolutely terrible reaction time and was way off this index. Every racer has one of those loses.

All in all, I'm please. Made the 11's in the heat so I know I can run my 12.00 index about anywhere. Don't have any seat time so I paid the price for that but I think I can solve that. And, I learned some things on how to adjust the car to run my index. 

Akron Don Gallimore

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Sitting here after having made my first run in Nostalgia Super Stock. Up to now, this year has been one problem after another. Well, I can happily report I made a solid first run.

Ran a .069 over 12.069 at 112 mph, both personal best. Leave seemed soft and the 60 foot time of 1.75 supported that feeling. 

Next run I'm going to advance the timing to where it should be, 40 degrees, and raise my launch rpm. That will put me into the 11's even in this heat. I'll let you know. 

Akron Don 

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