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Re: 62 Lancer

I belong to a car model club here in CT. and one of our members built a tribute to this car. Here are a few photos from our meeting.

Nick Tiberio

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I worked at Dragmaster in 1962, we did build and race a Lancer with a 413 max wedge.  I was the "worker bee" and driver of the car.  Car raced as the "Golden Lancer" and was NHRA 1962  E. T. national record holder in FX class.
While it is relatively easy to get the wedge to fit I would caution anyone from doing so  to operate on the street without doing extensive modification of the suspension system.

George "Sid" Parkinson

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"after doing some more research I've found out that there were 3 engine options for this car in 62. the 170 /6, The 225 /6, or a 413" is what the seller wrote. His research is flawed, mixing up Dodge models probably, ending up with a jumbled engine smorgasbord. No V-8 from the factory installed in 1962 Lancers. Aftermarket is another matter....

Gary H.

>  -------Original Message-------

>  Saw this on eBay. Seller says the car comes with a 413 and that Dodge
>  offered a 170, 225 and 413 as original engines in 1962. Maybe my
>  memory is lacking, but I don't believe that the 413 was offered, nor
>  would fit in a 62 Lancer. I had one back in 1967 while in the Army in
>  Texas, and loved the car, but the engine compartment was pretty
>  small....
>  Larry (Akron)


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