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I had a 3.23 sure grip in my 63 Sport Fury with a 383 and 4-speed.  The 3.23 was bad, I found a 2.93 (number stamped on the ring gear) non sure grip from a 65 station wagon this also eliminated the tapered axles.

My intent was to find 3.23 for the 65 differential however after driving with the 2.93 even with the 4-speed and a little cam in the 383 I'm going to stick with the 2.93.

However my car is just a driver, it will never see a track and I'm not into frying tires.

Someday if I find a 3.23 or even a 3.23 sure grip I may change but I'm happy for now.

Just my thoughts.

Dennis C.

On Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 4:35:33 AM UTC-8, neal wrote:
OK, maybe I am descending into early senility or something. So yesterday i had the car up on jack stands, so i decided its a good time to find out what that rear axle ratio really is. The guy I bought the car from didn't know, but told me he knew it was a sure grip.
   I get under there and put a piece of masking tape on tire, and revolve it till it lines up with front part of leaf spring. I notice  right away the other wheel isn't turning so I question the whole sure grip thing ( not the first time I've heard that one). But anyway I  the have transmission in nuetral and mark the driveline, and turn it by hand. It takes less than 1.5 revolutions of the driveline to bring that tape on tire around one full revolution. I can't believe it. I check it 5 times. then I do it the other way, I revolve the tire and count the driveline, same thing. What gives?? I have a 1.45 axle ratio?? Something I must be overlooking.
  PS- car has  8.75 axle
  Neal Zimmerman, Eugene Oregon

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