Friday puzzlers 9-16-2016
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Friday puzzlers 9-16-2016

Happy Friday all,

Mostly took a look at 1965 Dodge cars this week, but also found a 1965 Plymouth and one 1962 and two 1964 Dodges. 
Below are 10 ads with things I found puzzling or made me smile. Plus 4 leads located along the search.  

My comments are between {} brackets; quotes from the ad are between [] brackets.

Gary H.


1965 dodge corrnet - $750

1965 Dodge Coronet 440 Convertible - $18000
["356 V8"]
1965 Dodge Dart Antique car - $5500
["Don't miss this chance for fun rust free resto project"]

1965 Dodge Dart - $1000
["Moving out shortly and need this car gone. I could part it out for more, but who has the time?"]  

1965 Dodge Coronet Convertible - $7300
["The car is a 20 footer and looks GREAT when you see it driving past. Up close you will see her age but you can't help but love a car with age and wonder all the stories she could tell!"]
{Could also fit in the "leads" category}

1965 Dodge Polara Convertible 383 auto - $3900
["Tires have tread but are dry rotted."]

1964 Dodge 330 sedan mopar Super Stock - $30000
["If you have ever built or owned an off popular car you know the expense, so please no jabs on price."]

1965 Plymouth Sattelite convertible $2800
["Repaired and on the road, this car will be worth over 30K"]

318 dodge motor - $300
["Motor is from a 1965 car."] {Probably a 273}

1964 Hot Rod 440 Dodge - $3999
["More invested in the floors than selling price."] 


1962 Dodge Dart 440 station wagon - $19995

1965 Dodge Coronet - 55k actual miles, 383 V8, fact A/C- super nice! - $18500

1965 Coronet 500 Convertible 383 4speed - $22995

1965 Dodge Coronet F1-R Pro Charger - $55000  obo

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