RE: Pistons for 440 crossram wedge
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RE: Pistons for 440 crossram wedge

When you get that together I’d really like your opinion on how it runs  privately is fine.    I have been around 3 engines of varying states of performance.  And I’m sorry to report not one time did the engine perform to my satisfaction.    One guy just sold the car he was so disappointed.  The other guy same specs. On the motor i.e. 10:1 compression and internal parts   906 heads  same junk intake and all that.    swapped cam to the Mopar 509 cam and then I was pleased with its performance.  We had installed the 284-484 purple shaft based on reasoning that it’s a show car/ driver.   69 general lee clone.  Thing was gutless  and we installed a 3500 stall converter to help it out.  yes that helped but still was dead feeling.    Swapped to the bigger cam and suddenly the car has more tire frying performance and sounds way better.  Another buddy had a 284 484 cam in one of his cars and it slowed down at the strip over a smaller cam they had.  So personally speaking  for all the hype the cam has I’ve never seen the performance from it.  maybe just wrong combination I don’t know.  that’s why I’m asking.  Plus I’m about to yank the Engle cam in my 65 out and put something else in.  sure it makes torque from the bottom to the top but it has no “bite”    and I get terrible fuel mileage.  My charge  440 with 2 4bbl carbs and 324 duration 550 lift hydraulic cam would get 10-12 mpg.   And I didn’t baby that thing either.  But the 65 I do drive sensibly.

Sorry for rambling but I would like to find the magic combination that will make that 284 cam work.



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Thanks for info Guys

Jason below are cam specs I think but not 100 % sure.

I will check on the KB Hypereutectic pistons.

Hoping to run pump gas as well. Thanks Gary

I will post more pics when I pick up next week. 

Cam and Lifters, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 284/284, Lift .484/.484, Chrysler, Big Block, Kit


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