Friday puzzlers 10-28-2016
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Friday puzzlers 10-28-2016

Happy Friday all,

Took a look at 1963 Plymouth cars this week. Below are 10 ads with things I found puzzling or made me smile. Plus 5 leads located along the search.  

My comments are between {} brackets; quotes from the ad are between [] brackets.

Gary H.



1963 Plymouth Sport Fury - $35000
["426 ci Max Wedge Clone"]
{Nice, but not a MW clone}

1963 plymouth valiant V8 - $650 obo
{V8 placed in compartment}

1963 Plymouth Valiant - $750 obo
["4 door with rear handles removed to look more like the sportier 2 door."]

1963 Plymouth Belevidere - $3900
["The front end , hood and part of the roof was burned in a house fire amazingly still runs good."]

classic plymouth 1963 fury - $5000
[" you can not drive this home as tires are about 25 years old."]

63 valiant gasser - $975
["Just lost interest and need the money right now"]

transmission -pushbutton - $250
["1963 plymouth -torkflite pushbutton trans -comes with all cables and 63 plymouth dash panel with all controls "]
{Need "what motor" information for "torkflite"}

1963 Plymouth Valiant - $1500
["Was $4,500/obo....Now: $1,900 [over 50% off discount].../ due to it not starting... after not being driven for over a year."]
{No photos}

 1963 PLYMOUYH B BODY - $5000
["1963 Hard top 318 v8 motor belvedre owned it for 25 years ran 10 years ago rusty, lots of parts clear title in my name three speed trans on the collom."]
{No photos}

1963 plymouth belvedre - $5500
["completely custom with a 71 Cuda 340 cubic inch with a 4 speed"]


1963 plymouth savoy street stip car - make offer

1963 Plymouth Fury Wagon - $26000

63 Plymouth Valiant - $25000
{Nice looking Valiant}

1963 plymouth fury convertible - $26000 OBO

727 mopar transmission - $350
["200 miles since rebuild. removed from 1963 plymouth street wedge 426"]

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