Re: Friday puzzlers 12-2-2016
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Re: Friday puzzlers 12-2-2016

Interesting stuff, Gary!

1. An actual Plymouth branded travel trailer??? Neat looking little camper, but marketed originally as a Plymouth? Bet it would tow nicely behind my Dakota...

2.  Boy, that's a rough lookin' Sport Fury

3.  Collector info about tranny swap on assembly line (??)

4. I've seen articles about 4-door to 2-door changes (and one Three-Door!). Still needs lots of work, but interesting project...

5.  Ad deleted

6.  Race car - almost done!  Whew!!

On 12/2/2016 8:59 AM, 62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Happy Friday all,

I took a look at 1964 Plymouth cars this week. I missed the Friday "puzzlers" last week; post-Thanksgiving dessert / sugar overdose,  I suppose. :)

Below are 7 ads with things I found puzzling or made me smile. Plus 3 leads located along the search.

My comments are between {} brackets; quotes from the ad are between [] brackets.

Gary H.



1964 Plymouth Vintage Travel Trailer - Rare model - can sleep 6

64 plymouth sport fury - $2500
["Factory aluminum wheels with caps"]

'64 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible
["fender tag it was originally a 426 V8, AT car, yet it also shows a expedite# on the tag, beens I don't have the build sheet I will not be able to prove that it was the 4speed that was changed on the assembly line,"]

1964 Plymouth Belvedere 2 Door Sedan - $5495
["V-10 Dodge Truck motor and overdrive transmission installed. Has a 2000 Jeep Cherokee gas tank...Intrepid Mag rims"]

1964 Plymouth Barracuda - $2200
["99% bondo free"]

1964 Plymouth 2dr wagon rolling chassy - $11500

1964 plymouth sport fury heater box excellent condition no leaks - $200
{sticker on part reads 1963}


1964 Plymouth Fury - $1000 obo
{no photos}

1964 Plymouth Belvedere Mopar 440 $25 K OBO
{ 440, 4 speed} {Is the owner of this car a member of the mail list?}

1964 Belvedere 4dr Parts Car - $500 obo
{no photos}

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