Re: FOUND: Power Steering Pump Seal Kit
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Re: FOUND: Power Steering Pump Seal Kit

I have a similar situation with my 62 Polara 500 power steering pump leaking. I ordered from Rock Auto an Edelman seal kit part no 4616 7898, and after reading your comments I don't know if its the right one. How can I tell if I have a large or small pump? Which part number did you use?

On Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 7:30:23 PM UTC-5, Douglas Sutherland wrote:

Hi All,

As some of you may remember, I have been trying to locate a 

Power Steering Pump Seal Kit to fix the leak on my pump.

Based on the available info on line, I ordered a seal kit from RockAuto but 

when it arrived  -- it did not fit.  There were EIGHT kits to choose from 

for my '64 Sport Fury.  Four from Edelmann and four from Gates.  

RockAuto has no customer service (low, low prices) so I called Edelmann directly -- 

what an education!  I told the very knowledgeable guy at Edelmann 

what pump I had and he told me the part number of the seal kit I needed!

It is unfortunate that RockAuto has so little on-line info for these kits and 

what they do give can be confusing or misleading!  They sell the kits based 

on the shaft end style (hex or plain), not the pump size. My hex end shaft 

does not match my pump size though.

Here's the scoop.  Edelmann only makes two different seal kits for a '64 Sport Fury -- one for a large pump and one for a small. They offer both a "basic" rebuild kit and "full" rebuild kit for each size pump (full kits includes the bearing seal).

So TWO versions (basic and full) for the TWO different pumps (large and small) and TWO brand names for each (Edelmann and Gates).  Thats why RockAuto lists 8 kits for my car!

Identifying the manufacturer of my pump (TRW) and knowing that the pump is small -- that's how I finally got the correct seal kit.

Interesting to note, Gates Automotive does not make their own seal kits they are just Edelman's kits rebranded --  but they are actually cheaper.

Thanks again to club members who helped me out -- Part found!


P.S. to Gary, Is there a way to put this info on the website to help the next guy?

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