Re: 62-65 Windshield replacement
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Re: 62-65 Windshield replacement

I had a local glass shop remove the original MOPAR windshield from my 64 Plymouth. I did not want to take a chance on picking up a rock. I don't recall where I bought the replacement windshield (can find my receipt if it's important). The vendor for the windshield also supplied the gasket as I recall. Now, the important part. The gent who did my windshield work does pretty much all the glass work on classic cars in this area. When he took out my original windshield, he told me he'd do his best to save that gasket as the original windshield was 3/8" and I'd never get another gasket for it. He showed me the replacement windshield is only 3/16 " thick. So, if you're removing an original windshield with the MOPAR emblem in it, try to save the gasket. 

Also, I did get a complete gasket kit for the side windows, front and rear. The only issue I had with the gaskets were the rear ones. Had to put a (very) little silicone on the lips so the glass would enter effortlessly.

If you want, I'll try to find my receipt and see where I got them.

Hope that helps/Butch

On Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 10:49:57 AM UTC-8, Plucked Chicken wrote:

Would appreciate some tips on windshield glass.........


When any of you have had the windshield replaced, do you simply have the local glass shop source it? 

What brand glass is best?

What has it cost installed? 

Can the average glass shop do it without messing up the stainless trim?


Any options or things to watch for on the OEM green tint - or the possible shade bar at top?


Is metro the best source for the rubber seal?


Also going to have the rear quarter windows reset.  There is only one manufacturer of the qtr glass seals I know of, PRP linked below.  But they show out of stock on the passenger side at the moment....... 


Qtr rubber seal, passenger side:


Driver side:


Windshield rubber seal:


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