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Re: Working under the dash

I had problems getting the rear most exhaust manifold stud to seal on my 440.  The threads were bad and the machinist who had worked on it previously refused to admit that he had overlooked it.  I got the best results using Permatex Ultra Copper.  Although it still weeped a little.  It has since been to another machinist who put a helicoil in it.  No problem since then.
As to the brake part of this thread, I took time yesterday while waiting to find a spring to take out the seat.  I have done this before when I knew I had a lot of work to do under the dash.  But I was hoping this would be a quick in/out.  I've gotten myself in a position a couple times in the past where I thought I was going to have to wait for someone to come "rescue" me as I seemed to be hopelessly stuck.  I would love to take the dash out to rewire everything but that seems like a very daunting task.
As to the search for the spring, no luck with Grainger, likewise with Joe Suchy.  But Joe gave me a link to AMS Obsolete (obsoletemopar@xxxxxxxxx).  So I've sent them an email.  Doug's offer is looking better and better.

Paul L.

On Friday, February 17, 2017 at 8:37:27 AM UTC-6, carv...@xxxxxxx wrote:
I had to laugh at Doug's post in the brake parts thread about working under the dash requires taking the seat out.
Like some of us, I'm overweight, 67 yrs. old, with a slightly torn right rotator cuff, and I take so much BP medicine I get dizzy really easy when I lay down or get up too quick.

Last fall, I had a new exhaust system put on my '63 Sport Fury 383. The guy was local and did a beautiful job. All custom mandrel bent 2 1/2" pipe with all welded construction.

Later, when I was getting the car ready for hibernation, I noticed smoke wafting up from the drivers side exhaust manifold at the very back. I guess my exhaust guy either got that area hot or jarred something loose.

Knowing that could be a PITA if I broke the stud off, I soaked it with penetrating oil and carefully tried to loosen it. I got lucky and it backed right out! I wasn't prepared for all the antifreeze I lost and what a mess!

Now, for the rest of the story...... The sleeve and stud assy wont come out, it hits the steering shaft! So now I've ordered a fastener set form Mega parts
and started taking the steering column loose. there for a while, I didn't think I would survive the project, and I've now taken out the drivers seat like Doug said.

When I replace this stud assy, I intend to "Lock Tight" the stud into the sleeve and then use "Permatex" thread sealer on the end of the stud that goes into the water jacket...... any thoughts?


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