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Re: [318poly] Carb testing day

Looking forward to hearing all about “Rich Kinsley’s Most Excellent Adventure” and seeing you in-the-flesh when you reach Southern California!
Gary P.
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 8:10 PM
Subject: [318poly] Carb testing day

I spent the day swapping out my three different carbs to try and get them set up for my Route 66 trip.  I have the AFR meter up and running. FYI for those who wonder, this is an air-fuel-ratio meter and it ranges from 1 (Rich) to 22 (Lean). The theoretical sweet spot is 14.6
I put the 1404 (500cfm) Eddy on after a previous attempt to use it, This carb is a combination of the best parts of two highly deteriorated carbs. I am afraid there are beyond help. BUT I tried and found it ran 17-18 at idle ,,, 10-11 at 40-45mph,,,  and 9ish at WOT.  It had inconsistent low vacuum at 10-11".  The throttle shafts had been frozen up so they may be leaking but I couldn't really see any surge when I sprayed starter fluid on them. Anyway the bottom line is that this carb is not doable for me at least.
I also have a 1406 (600cfm) Eddy which I have been tweaking on and this is the carb I used for the trip from Omaha to Houston last year. I found that 7547 rods, stock jets, blue springs, stock accel nozzle, accel pump at max and a Power Blaster (love it)  gave me the best results. I got a reading of 13.6 at idle,,, just off idle about 13.2,,,  40-45mph about mid 13's to 14,,, and at 60-65mph it got up to 15.
Next I tried a 1407 (750cfm) Eddy. I tried a number of combo's and the best was with a 7547 rod, stock jets, blue springs, and a stock nozzle with a mid setting. I had vacuum in the 16-18 range under throttle and 18-22 on deceleration (of course).. It was a little hesitant off line and I think I may want to switch to a yellow spring. The Power Blaster would be a great benefit too..
When using the meter you have to realize it doesn't sit still. It will bounce around but you can see the parameters and hit an average. It is a gentle swing with gentle acceleration. This carb set up is meant for cruising and would not be my choice for racing!
I will start off my journey with the 1406 (600) over to Springfield, MO. Then on my way to OKC I'll switch to the 1407(750) so I can compare mileage. The winner will complete the trip. When I hit I-70 thru Colorado I will keep an eye on the meter and make some changes to the carb as required for the altitude. Or anytime I see variations happening.
I'm looking forward to this journey :-) I hope to run across some of the members on the way. I should be in OKC on Sunday, May 28th. You better hide Gary F :-) I get my e-mails on my cell. If anyone wants to contact me my cell is: 402-708-3424
Rich Kinsley  '64 Dodge Polara 4dr LeRoar 318poly w/goodies

Posted by: Richard Kinsley <leroarkinsley@xxxxxxxxx>
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