Re: Edelbrock settings I have used
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Re: Edelbrock settings I have used

Hi Rich,

Great adventure! Thanks for sharing your travel and carb tuning experiences. Are you following Eddy's jet/rod combinations as layed out in their quadrant graphs in the kit?


On Friday, June 16, 2017 at 10:07:03 PM UTC-4, LeRoar wrote:
Sorry for the delay but I have been busy slowing down from my Route 66 trip.  As a preliminary statement let me mention my engine/car specs.. I have the hot street cam from Schneider (264deg), the new poly intake, Mopar electronic ignition, TTI's, compression around 9.5-10, and a 3:23 rear gear with 2:55/60/15's rear and 2:25/70/15's front.

On my way home from California I had changed my 1406, 600cfm, Eddy to Primary jet .095,  sec jet  .095, 7347 rod,  plain spring, #28 accel nozzle, power blaster accel nozzle deflector/atomizer and the pump set on max operation.  This worked very well, very well, from California to the eastern edge of Utah. At altitude it was too rich as expected. My AFR meter was a real help in determining how the carb was doing. I was running between 13.5 and 15,5 on the AFR during that portion of the trip. 14.7 is the "ideal" number and the scale goes from 1 ( rich) to 22 (lean). Going up into the 10K- 11K foot mountains it ran 9-11. I should have changed the carb setting but I got lazy.... This final leg of the trip showed 15.17mpg which included some areas of only 10.5mpg , etc, due to traffic/ altitude etc...

On the second leg of my trip to California from Springfield, MO I had the carb set at Primary jet .098,  Sec jet .095,  7347 rod, orange spring,  #28 accel nozzle, power blaster installed and the pump set at mid operation.  This portion of my trip netted me an overall average of  12.5 mpg and my AFR was running 11-13+..

The first leg from Omaha to Springfield was with my #1407 750cfm Eddy. It was set at Pri Jet .117,  Sec Jet .107,  Rod 7347,  yellow spring,  no powerblaster, 
accel nozzle #35 set at mid.  This was changed during the trip to a 7547 rod and a blue spring.  This netted AFR's around 13-15 on the highway but the gas mileage of only about 11.9mpg was pitiful. Hence the change to the 600cfm for the rest of the trip. 

As you can see I started at the end of the trip and progressed to the beginning. The reasoning is dubious but the best setting came at the end of the trip and I wanted to start with the best. I wasn't able to find non-ethanol after I left Kansas until I got back to Colorado on the return. That would be suspect to decrease the mileage as ethanol requires more fuel. For example if I use E-85 in my flex-fuel Durango I will get about 18-20percent worse gas mileage. A bit more power though it seems. E-10 would not make that much difference obviously. BUT I don't like the adverse effects to our carbs. I would like to mention that I used some JB Fuel System treatment at the beginning of my last leg home and that just may have helped some with the ethanol. 

I am thinking that I will be changing to a .092 Primary Jet and perhaps with a 7042 rod. My climate and 1100ft altitude seem to push me a bit richer. I just gotta change something!  It's what I do..... 

Rich Kinsley '64 Dodge Polara 4dr LeRoar 318poly w/goodies

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