Re: Edelbrock settings I have used
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Re: Edelbrock settings I have used

Ethanol has less energy in it than gasoline. Here’s a pertinent Wikipedia topic on energy content of fuels:

"Ethanol and fuels like E85. 1.5 gallons of ethanol has the same energy content as 1.0 gallon of gasoline. A flex-fuel vehicle will experience about 76% of the fuel mileage MPG when using E85 (85% ethanol) products as compared to 100%gasoline. ... Pure ethanol provides 2/3 of the heat value available in pure gasoline."

The car's sensors correctly determine the mix of ethanol/gasoline to enable the ECU to adjust mixture and timing as necessary for optimum efficiency.

Dan Davids

On Jun 18, 2017, at 3:26 AM, Ray Bell <raybell46@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Do you mind if I question this, Rich?

"I wasn't able to find non-ethanol after I left Kansas until I got back to Colorado on the return. That would be suspect to decrease the mileage as ethanol requires more fuel. For example if I use E-85 in my flex-fuel Durango I will get about 18-20percent worse gas mileage. A bit more power though it seems. E-10 would not make that much difference obviously."

My understanding is that modern cars, those with injection and engine management and sensors all over the place use more fuel when there's Ethanol in the mix.

This is because their sensors in the exhaust find too much oxygen in the burned mixture and richen the mixture to compensate. Hence there is more fuel used.

Carburettors and systems without sensors changing the settings shouldn't be affected.

Or have I got the wrong information?

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