Re: 440 Temp. Question!
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Re: 440 Temp. Question!

2 from the 1962-1965 site's tech page:

1) Troubleshoot your overheating Mopar! 
Only two causes of overheating: 1) air flow  2) water flow. 
a) Take your Mopar out to a road where you can run a constant speed for about a mile or so, and be able to pull over. 
b) Get the engine up to temperature and drive at about 45MPH, depending on your rear end gear ratio. You want to 
pick a speed that you can shift down a gear and maintain that speed. 
c) If your Mopar heats up while driving at a constant speed in high gear, shift down one gear, keep the same speed, 
and see if the temperature goes up or down. 
d) If the engine temperature goes up, then you have a water flow problem. 
e) if the engine temperature goes down, then you have an air flow problem. 
We learned this method back in the 1960's. — Earl H.  Thanks to Earl H. for the info!

2) Read Number 4 on this FlowKooler webpage: 16 reasons why your engine is overheating.

Gary H. 

>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: 'Paul L.    
>  I'm a traveler on this road as well.  My car (440 auto) had an
>  electric pusher fan on it when I got it.  Could never tell that it did
>  any good so I took it off. I run a 180 deg. thermostat, installed an
>  aluminum 3 core radiator (the same one LeRoar is running), 7 blade
>  fan, and higher flow water pump.  Things are a little better but will
>  still heat up when driving in city traffic.  I picked up a factory
>  shroud at a swap meet (not sure what it came off of) but I can't make
>  it fit on my car.  My next step will be to add a hood to radiator
>  support seal and to block all of the gaps around the radiator to make
>  sure all of the air has to go through the radiator.  My engine builder
>  who drag races a Mopar suggested I run a 160 deg. stat.  I tried that
>  but found out the hard way all thermostats are not created equal.  Pay
>  attention to the size of the stat opening.  I'm thinking about a
>  racing thermostat something like this:
>  Rich was lucky enough to have a friend who is a retired sheetmetal
>  worker fabricate a nice shiny polished stainless shroud for LeRoar.
>  List member Dennis, who drives in Yuma, AZ has a nice 4 core aluminum
>  radiator on his car that will handle the desert heat.  His radiator
>  guy advises to pay attention to the number of fins per inch, the more
>  the better.
>  Paul L.
>  On Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 2:05:37 PM UTC-5, Jay Rod. wrote:
>  > My 65 Coronet is always running on the hot side on a normal summer
>  > day,, but yet on the highway it cools down fast to a 160/180.
>  > I'm running an aluminum WP housing a Kool flow water pump, a clutch
>  > 7 blade fan, a kool flow thermostat, and a"1 core Smith racing
>  > radiator along with electric fans. .
>  >
>  > What is the operating temperature of a 440/RB on a basic hot summer
>  > day.
>  > What is the operating temperature on (your 440 engine) on a basic
>  > warm summer day.
>  >
>  > Heating problem that won't go away.
>  >
>  > Thanks,
>  > Jay Rod.
>  >
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