50 Unique 413 Mopars
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50 Unique 413 Mopars

The following is the response from a friend of mine whose family owned a Mopar dealership and worked there until a few years ago. 
He owns a original 62 Plymouth with a 383 with the 2 inline Carbs that was delivered to his families dealership
Good history but again nobody has documents about the 50

As the 413, 2-4 cars go, yes they supposedly made 50 Plymouth’s and 50 Dodge’s with that option.  These cars were mostly two-tone painted.  I do not believe however that the headers and valve cover decals on the car pictured are correct.  By the way that car is on eBay now for a ridiculous price.
On the 361, 62 cars,  there was no 2-4 option to my knowledge.  Yes there probably was a dealer installed package available through the parts department, but to my knowledge Chrysler would have never shipped anything that extensive in the trunks of cars.  Through the years as a dealer I can only remember hub caps, wheel covers, exhaust tips and in 1970 the AAR Cuda tailpipes that were shipped in trunks for dealer installation.  I would love to hear or see any documentation of anything different.
Now for the 383/343hp 2-4 engines.  In 1962 Plymouth and Dodge offered and built this package, but it was a non-advertised option.  This package from what I have found out was only available through the Fleet Division (similar to GM’s COPO) and was originally developed as a police pursuit package.  I was told this by a Chrysler engineer who was one of the original members of the Ramchargers.  I talked to a former FBI agent in Florida who actually drove one of these cars on the job.  Again this was also certainly available as a dealer installed package.
This is what I know, can remember and have learned through the years.  It’s to bad that Chrysler didn’t keep better records, especially on the motors they produced through the early years.

From: Mark Evans
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 11:29 AM
To: Barry
Subject: 62 Plymouth restoration update and Mopar history question
Hi Barry
Attached are a few  recent photos of my 62 Plymouth
We have started assembly
The motor should be going in this month. This is the fun part.

A group I belong to online for 62 to 65 mopar's posted a question this morning about
did Mopar build
50 1962 Plymouth with 413's with the in-line Carter set up that you and I are both running.
I know your car is a 383 and I cannot remember if you ordered your car this way or you built it at your dealership?
Which was it?
Can you provide some of your knowledge on what cars and motors Chrysler produced with dual in-line carter setup.
Mark Evans
Begin post
Hi all,

A archived ad on Mecum auctions reads "1 of 50 413 CI dual inline quad super stock Furys produced in 1962."


My memory is that in 1962 Plymouth (and Dodge) B-body cars offered a 2x4 inline option for the 361 engine but it
was was only available as a dealer add on, not something the factory bolted together. That is, Chrysler put the
manifold,carbs, etc. in the trunk of the car and the dealer installed them at the dealership.

Were there 50 413 CI dual inline quad 1962 Plymouths made back then?

Gary H.





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