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Re: 1 of 50 dealer installed cars

Last week I was reading about the questions everyone was asking about the dealer installed 413 engines. I have done some extensive research on this subject when I built my 62 Plymouth Savoy. I was in Michigan last week and I didn't have access to my stash of magazines that I left behind fleeing from hurricane Irma, thanks to God we didn't get any flooding or major damage to our home, or my 62 Savoy. I will be posting this article and more info as promptly as possible. When this 80k car was on ebay I read the posting on ebay about the car and questioned some of the information they had posted. My first question was why buy a dealer installed 413 when you could buy a Max wedge. The build date on this car was after the release date of the Max Wedge. The magazine article I provided was the January issue of 1962 outlines the way Mopar was going to be offering the dealer installed cars. I will post my picture of my poster for my car that explains the dealer installed options. More to come.

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