swap meet updated
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swap meet updated

Hi all,

The swap meet is updated.

There are 2 new ads and some new items added to Joe Suchy's parts listing.

Gary H.

The 2 ads are:

1) Wanted to Buy - 1962 Plymouth Savoy 2 door Sedan parts car or the following parts for same car: Drivers and 
Passengers doors; Left and right side/ quarter panels from the lock pillar to the center of the rear wheel wells. Contact 
me at:  wolfmanwooley@xxxxxxxxx Please be able to provide detailed photos and detailed condition.

2) I have the following Dodge Lancer and Dodge Dart parts for sale.  Please feel free to contact me if you want 
photographs and/or want to make an offer on anything.  I will ship the smaller items but would prefer to have the 
larger items (fender, doors, deck lid, windshields, bumpers) picked up at my house.  Located in Brook, Indiana (about 
45 miles north of West Lafayette).  Contact Donn at 219 629 3821 or dgobbie@xxxxxxxxxxx

1962 Dodge Lancer parts for sale:

Left front fender - has Lancer GT emblem on it
Left door, includes glass, inside/outside door handles, window crank
Right door, includes glass, inside/outside door handles, window crank
Deck lid, does not have plastic GT insert on chrome piece (piece has 170 on it)
Front windshield, has optional blue tint at top
Rear glass
Rear quarter side window glass (2)
Front bumper
Rear bumper
Headlight bezels - left and right
Radiator stone deflector
Rear seat, back only – blue
Rear quarter interior panels
Rear view mirror
Speedometer gauge (NOS, still in original box)
Turn signal lever
Horn (2)
Backup lights (option on some Lancers - includes chrome, lens and housing)
Front turn signal chrome (5)
Front turn signal lens
Arm rest (2) - blue
Glove box door - blue
Instrument panel plastic face
Transmission push buttons and felt piece
Dome light lens - blue

1964 Dodge Dart parts for sale
Instrument panel - includes all gauges (no cigarette lighter handle)
Instrument panel plastic face
Kick panel and insulation, left and right - includes insulation - red
Dodge Golden Anniversary steering wheel insert
Grille (not in good shape but has DODGE letters)
Chrome hood trim for 270 model (3)
Transmission push buttons and felt piece
Park lever knob
Glove box door - red
Back up lights - chrome, lens and housing

1966 Dodge Dart parts for sale
Dodge emblem from fenders (2)			

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