Found a New Leak
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Found a New Leak

Since I just put a new aluminized insulation on the floor of my 64 Fury convertible, I was able to see that some of the leaking moisture was a bright green.  Definite smell of antifreeze.  Looking up under the dash, I can see that the leak is where the butterfly valve, which opens and closes with a cable, controls the flow into the heater box.  Is there any easy, simple way to fix this other than removing and replacing the box itself?

Other thing is that I can see that the left windshield wiper, where it is bolted to the bottom of the dash, is rusted through.  The two bolts that I assume were part of the sheet metal under the dash, which comprise the base for the wiper going through from the inside under dash to the windshield, are rusted away.  The complete drivers side of the wiper arm, which is connected to the motor, is hanging loose, allowing the wiper base piece where the wiper connects, to hang free, with space around it.  Great way for water to enter, and a definite problem.  Has anyone had this problem and successfully fixed it?

I guess I could do without a heater, as the convertible will not see winter driving in Ohio, but wipers are a nice thing, and the surrounding hole is a definite problem.

Thoughts??  (I really, really, really hate rust.....)

Larry (Akron)

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