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Forward Look Ambulances?

From: Dave L.
Date: October 22, 1999
Time: 14:42:52


I'm getting a little bored with my '71 RT and I hear the voice on Exner calling me (This is a great website!). Also been gettimg interested in Professional cars, i.e. ambulances and hearses. Just fishing - are there any MoPar ambulances out there, particularly on the west coast? The '61 I found here in WA was way too rusted; there's one in the midwest that's fair. The '62 in Kansas is too far gone. Found a '58 DeSoto, but too far away (Alabama). I'm familiar with the various coachbuilders and am also a member of the Professional Car Society, but of course I want to stay MoPar. I am particularly looking for a '60 or '61 Chrysler hi-top combination. Anyone have any leads, information, or literature to add to what I have? Thanks. I look forward to visiting this website often. (The Forward-Look people I've met so far have been great!)


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