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56 Plymouth Belvedere

From: Jason
Date: November 08, 1999
Time: 01:50:28


I recently (12 months ago) purchased a 56 Belvedere. My problem is that I cant find anything out about the car. The car is RHD (as I live in Australia) is is "apparently" Detroit built.. according to the previous owner, 6 factory built RHD were shipped to australia, the story then becomes a little more confusing as "apparently" (again, that horrid word) the 6 were sent either for government use OR to test the market.. Does anyone have ANY information on the 56 Belvedere, as I cant seem to find any, and my body # doesn't seem to match up with anything. I'm basically completely lost with this, but am in love with the car (so's the wife luckily).. Also, is anyone parting out a 56 Belvedere, or know anyone who is, as mine has been through a hard life, and I'm attempting to give it a bit more life.... Thanks.. Jason


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