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57-61 disk brake conversion kit

From: sid  (germany)
Date: November 10, 1999
Time: 15:06:39


does anyone know if there is a good front vented disk brake conversion kit available for 1960 plymouths (57-61 full size)? our cars are the greatest,best ever built but, honestly, the brakes are a joke for cars that fast. 6 month ago i contacted "performance suspension"( they told me that there is, probably, a kit available late in ' 99.untill now there is nothing, except for a rear disk kit. 57-61 drivers:contact them and ask for a front disk brake kit, it can't be wrong. even if disk brakes are not original they will help to keep the rest of your car all original, if you know what i mean.also disk brakes are not only saver,they also decrease unsprung rotating mass,which means more comfort,better handling and more power (removing one pound from the wheel is equal to removing four pounds from the body). thanks in advance for help. forwardlook forever !!! sid


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