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Searching for a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere Hardtop

From: Vince
Date: February 12, 2000
Time: 07:33:50


Hello everybody,

I've always been a big fan of those 1958 Plymouths and I think I am ready to own one now. The question is "How can I find one ?", as I am living in France, where those cars were rarely imported when new and are even rarer now. I've searched a little bit here and there, even in Belgium (my homecountry) where american cars where more imported in the 50's, but to no avail.

I am searching (as everybody) for a 1958 Belvedere hardtop coupe with every option desirable : V8, power steering, power windows, airco, radio, torqueflite tranny, aluminium inserts, bumper guards ... the lot.

This car does not need to be in perfect shape as I am looking forward to do a restoration on it. The only thing I am quite regarding is the body : it must be in good shape and with as little corrosion as possible. Also, good glass should be something to look for.

I can travel everywhere in Europe and I will be in the USA (California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona) for the first three weeks of August 2000.

I am waiting for your offers, guys !!



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