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Re: Electrical fuse box 57-58?

From: Stephen R. Sandberg
Date: February 19, 2000
Time: 05:33:59


There is no fuse box in the modern sense in a 1958 MoPar car of any line. A few in-line fuses were used on some circuits (radio, electric clock) and circuit breakers were used for higher amperage circuits (power seats, power window lifts). This actually should make it easier to diagnose a charging problem as the wiring is quite simple compared to modern cars. The three most common items to check for a low charging (or no charging) generator would be a slipping drive belt, bad brushes, or a defective voltage regulator. Not hard to fix and parts are still available for most of the older generator systems. S. Sandberg, "proud owner of a 1958 DeSoto Firesweep"


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