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highway hi fi records

From: Lee Exline
Date: March 06, 2000
Time: 23:09:43


is there anyone out there that has the equipment and know how to reproduce the record sleeves for the highway hi fi records? with all of the desktop publishing programs that are out there someone should be able to handle this project! there are a lot of people that have the records and no sleeves or the sleeves are damaged from years of use/storage. the basic layout is the same for all of the records and the back does not change. once you get the correct spacing and fonts the content should be able to be typed in and change the record number then print on the correct blue green paper cutout fold and glue. you could even stick a plain 45rpm record in the sleeve for show. if anyone is interested and capable of doing this project please contact me. i can give them photo copies of every single sleeve 1-42 to provide the correct layout for each. thanks lee


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