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'58 Fury Restoration

From: John
Date: March 14, 2000
Time: 19:34:40


I'm in the process of restoring a '58 Fury. It has the 350 ci "Golden Commando". It runs, but it smokes like all hell and there is a crack in the block. I can't drive it because the tranny linkage is broken. The body is in decent condition, with a few rust spots here and there, nothing serious. It's white and gold, but I'm planning on having it painted a la Christine. The interior is in incredible shape for a 42 year old car. The dash is cracked, and some of the seats are ripped up, and it needs a new headliner, but that shouldn't be too difficult to fix.

Anyway, my question is-since I'm going to have to rebuild the engine, should I go stock or should I drop something beefier in her? I wouldn't be as daunted by this task if the block weren't cracked. A buddy of mine who builds engines is selling a 484 (Chevy block) for $3000. It supposedly develops 425bhp. Would this fit, and would it mate to the TorqueFlite transmission? Would the extra 125bhp fry the tranny? How fast is the 350 ci stock engine? The road test at car and driver says 7.7 seconds 0-60 with a standard shift. How fast with the TorqueFlite? If I stuck a rebuilt stock engine in there, or had my buddy build a stock engine for me, would porting, flowing, etc. be of any advantage? How much can the stock 350 block be bored??



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