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Re: Fury-daily driver?

From: Mark
Date: March 15, 2000
Time: 23:59:14


John, if you are going to "restore" this car in the correct sense of the word, based on your description of the car you will have about $40,000 dollars in it. Properly maintained Forward Look era Mopars are about as good as the other late Fifties car brands with the exception of RUST. Especially 57-58 Plymouths for some reason. My Dad bought a new 57 Belvidere and by 1960 rust was eating it. We live in Ohio, much salt used. I drive my original family owned 58 Dodge about 1000 miles a year in good weather only. I would say use your Fury in good weather, enjoy it, but keep that body DRY if you want it to last a long time. Good luck with your project!


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