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Re: '58 Fury Restoration

From: sid
Date: March 16, 2000
Time: 09:55:11


if you plan to use a chevy engine you are wrong here. what do you mean something beefier? don 't you know that the 350 is the famous mopar big block? i have a 1960 fury coupe with original 383 (same block as 350) used for dayly driving the past 11 years here in germany. its the fastest car around, 140 mph with pedal only 3/4 down (no speed limit here). the chrysler big block is the best engine ever built. if you have to buy a new engine why not a new m.p. 383 or 440 big block? paint it gold (also avilable from m.p.) and it will look like the 350. don't even think about putting a chevy engine into that great fury! by the way, you can get ALL parts for your 350 resto from the mopar performance catalog. you lucky guy.


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