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Re: 350/383

From: Joe Rice
Date: March 16, 2000
Time: 14:58:59


What I'd do is put in a 383. It is the same engine (except for the bore size) and the 383 is MUCH more plentiful than the 350, so it'd be cheaper to build. The 383 also shouldn't be so much more powerful as to fry your Torqueflight. You can even put the 350 intake/exaust manifolds and air cleaner on the 383 to keep it looking stock. I am definitely against a Chevy engine when you can get an easily available Mopar to bolt right in. If you are looking for more power, a 440 also will bolt in, but may compromise drivetrain life. It'd also be heavier and probably more expensive than a 383. You could also build a strong 383 fairly easily too.


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