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I feel like a moron, but here is the question

From: John
Date: March 17, 2000
Time: 22:30:54


Sorry about the Speedvision post-I figured out that my sound card wasn't setup correctly! Ooops!

Anyways, my Torqueflite "shifter" on the dash (near the post on the driver's side door) has five buttons, or rather, five "rods" sticking out of it. It seems that some joksters removed the actual buttons, or maybe they fell off. So, as a consequence of this, I'm not sure that I know which button (err.. rod) engages which gear. I'm assuming that the buttons, starting at the top from left to right, should be Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, and 1, "D" and "1" being the two buttons (err...rods) on the button of the set vs. the top. Is this correct? How do I "engage" the transmission? I'm pretty sure that the linkage is broken, because sitting in the driveway with my foot firmly applied on the brake and pushing the buttons (err...rods) individually and then looking for some kind of forwards or backwards motion-nothing happens! I suppose that the tranny itself could be fried, but I'm not entirely sure about that either. If it matters, when I punch the buttons (err...rods), they produce a loud "click" and slide back into the "shifter". If I select a different button (err...rod), it does the same thing, but the previously selected gear rod doesn't pop back out. How exactly is this thing supposed to work? I have this feeling that the whole shebang is screwed up.

Also, where in the Sam Hill is the parking brake supposed to be on this friggin' thing? Some jokster must have pulled that (well, afterall, I did buy the damn thing at a junkyard, so...) too.

Also-are the wipers driven by vacuum or are they electric?

Thanks again-VERY MUCH!!!


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