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Forward Look era Dodge engines

From: Mark
Date: March 18, 2000
Time: 00:33:35


1955 Dodges were equipped with 270 cu. in. engines. This was the Red Ram engine, a variation of the original Chrysler FirePower hemi, used exclusively by Dodge with the exception being it was installed in early 55 Plymouths and equipped with poly heads for these cars. Enlarged to 315 for 1956. Enlarged again to 325 cu. in for 1957, again available with hemi or poly heads. 1958 the 325 only available with poly heads. Last year for this engine. New engine for 58, the B-block 350 cu. in "Ram Fire" engine, 361 "D-500". 350 used only in 58. 1959 326 cu. in. engine is really a Plymouth engine, used in Coronets that year only. 361 continues in 59, 383 available.


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