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Re: Christine

From: John
email: ---
Date: March 19, 2000
Time: 13:14:17


The question is, then, where did they get all 13 (16?) of those Furys? I've read that the car used in the movie was not a real '58 Fury, but a "movie double", whatever the hell that means. But, I've also heard that about a dozen real Fury's were used (or rather, destroyed) in the making of the movie. Obviously private owners didn't lend them their cars to have them destroyed, so I would imagine that they pillaged junkyards and such and restored a few? Would explain why they are very rare finds in yards now.

Then again, if you look at "Christine", she does look quite different than a real Fury or Belvedere in a few key areas. BTW-was she a Fury, or was she a Belvedere? I thought that Belvedere's were 4dr.


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