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'58 Plymouth Carbs

From: Bob
Date: March 29, 2000
Time: 23:16:53


I am trying to identify the engine on my '58 Belvedere 2-dr hardtop with "Furyoid" features. Daimler Chrysler says it was shipped with a "V8" engine, but the numbers I find are on the right (passenger's side) front block, not left as expected. There, it says "2" and just below that "1737829". On the intake manifold, pad between the 2 4bbl carbs, it says "1822004" and just below, "G167". The carbs are definitely Carter. On the front carb, left side base, it says "3361S" and just below, "BB8" (I think). On the left side of the front carb, it says "1481". On the rear carb, front base, it says "82219" and just below, "E1" (I think), and on the left side, "1412". If anyone out there is into these heiroglyphic puzzles, I would be very greatful for any help in identifying the engine and/or carbs. I would also be happy for advice on any web sites or other resources for identification of the engine or carbs. Many thanks!!


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