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Re: Christine

From: Daven N.Anderson
Date: March 30, 2000
Time: 12:52:45


Hello! I have the "Christine" DVD,a well-done DVD. The DVD says they had 23 cars,at a cost of $500,000! Two cars survived. One was given away in a contest in 1983,which I entered but sadly didn't win! Too bad they didn't have all the computer graphics they have now,they could now do this movie without harming any cars! The $500K cost, most of that was presumably for the restoration & customization of the fleet.(All were Belvedere & Savoy HT's) The DVD is well worth your $25-30,and almost any video store in the US should be able to order it. It's a double-sided disc with widescreen side and pan/scan fullscreen side. Columbia Pictures 01619, UPC number 43396-01619. Enjoy! Daven N.Anderson


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