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Re: Drum Brake Swap

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 30, 2000
Time: 13:11:26


I've seen several of these cars with newer drums transplanted,but for all the effort you may as well put discs on the front while you have it apart! Just because they had front drums standard on some muscle-era cars doesn't mean you should have them on NOW,especially considering that the cars in today's traffic can stop much faster than they could in the '60's. Many of the muscle cars that had those are being changed to discs,for GOOD reason. Even on a slant 6 car,discs can SAVE YOUR LIFE! That said,if you insist on having drums (even though a disc swap might be same cost or CHEAPER!) the best would be later C-body (1970,the last year) spindles with the 12" finned drums. Keep in mind that drum fronts usually cost the same as disc fronts,and cost the same or more to rebuild. You won't save much (if any) money by picking drums. I've driven a car with a 440 magnum and front drums,and it scared the **** out of me! DISC,DISC,DISC! Good luck,Daven Anderson


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