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Re: "Type A" trans fluid....???

From: Dave Stragand
Date: April 28, 2000
Time: 16:15:04


Type F fluid will give a Type A trans harsher shifts, as it adds more friction (actually the F is for "friction" not "Ford"). Dexron/Mercon will give a Type A trans softer shifts, as it reduces friction. Neither one will hurt a Type A trans.

So, if you want smoother shifts, use Dexron/Mercon. If you want more of a performance feel, use Type F.

The new Chrysler/Mitsubishi type of fluid Type 7176 is NOT the same as Type A though. The general consensus is that any Dexron/Mercon fluid, with a thingy of anti-foaming agent (available at any GM parts counter), is the best substitute for Type A.

If you have your heart set on Type A, however, check out a tractor repair shop. It is used in Catapillar tractors.


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