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Re: Christine

From: Mischa de Graaf
Date: May 07, 2000
Time: 08:14:19



I own a '58 Belvedere that looks a lot like 'Christine". I think I can tell you something about the movie. There are a lot of rumours about how many cars they used. I know they used Fury's,Belvederes and Savoy hardtop coupes,which were already hard to find in 1983. The Fury '58 was only availeble in beige with golden accesoires,that's why it's called a 'golden commando'. The Belvedere was the only '58 Plymouth that was red and white with a red and white interior. I think the cars you see on the assemblyline,in the beginning of the movie,were later repainted red and white to be used as Christines also. I noticed that none of the cars have any nameplates that says if it is a Fury,Belvedere or Savoy. I also noticed that the cars have strange kind of mirrors,which aren't Plymouth mirrors.

Now,about the effects;in the scene called 'show me',in which the car restores herself,they used a car in which they attached hydrolic pistons to pull the bodywork inwards. The film was later run backwards,so it looks like the car resores herself. I also read that they used rubber bodyparts,but I dont believe that's true. I also read somewere that the moviemakers spent $10.000 per car on restorage.

I don't know for sure if I'm correct about all of this,so feel free to mail me! I also like to contact other Christine fans and owners.

Mischa de Graaf


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