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entering the world of exner

From: Brian De Francesco
Date: May 24, 2000
Time: 16:48:43


First, many thanks to Dave for this wonderful site! some one please either stop or prod a would-be hobbyist... I have been in love with Forward Look cars ever since I first saw one. I have no real mechanical skills. I can spend $5k or $6k on a exner beauty. My question: If I stick to four-door sedans of the lower priced models (coronets, plazas, windsors, firedomes), is it possible/practical to get a weekend car (say #2 or #3) that I can drive right away and have someone help me restore it(without spending $40,000?), or should I pursue another hobby? P.S. I have neither the aptitude nor time to restore such a vehicle myself, so I'm talking about having all the work done...


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