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Desoto's for Sale

From: Russell Housen
Date: June 07, 2000
Time: 20:23:32


Beware of the Desoto's posted for sale here in the Foward Look Web Site. I answered the ad and received this response:Russell,

The point is, you choose to to deal with my postings in the Lounge a certain way and I am choosing to deal with the people I am selling my cars to in a certain way.

Just like you made the choice to berate me in the Lounge for my opinions, I am making the choice to not conduct business with you.

If that makes me an obnoxious individual in your eyes, then fine. You probably thought the same of me when I posted in the Lounge.

But, as you pointed out, I am no longer an NDC member, therefore, my knowledge is not going to be shared with the NDC membership any more. By the same token, my parts and cars are not going to be shared with the NDC membership. This is not to say that I am going to hoard parts or anything, just simply that I am going to attempt to conduct business with non-NDC members only.

Since Greg Walters saw fit to publish a libelous article in the magazine that mentions me by name and contains several false statements, all of which were printed without asking for my side of the story, I have elected to disassociate myself from the NDC and its members. You are an NDC member and you are supporting these actions through your membership, therefore, I am not selling anything to you.

That's my choice.


Leslie Howard I don't feel these items should be posted since the person offering them for sale is obviously showing Discrimination based on affiliation with a club. Is that Legal?


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