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Re: Any 57-58 Dodge owners out there?

From: Andrew
Date: June 08, 2000
Time: 04:23:22


Hi Mark, I own a 1958 Dodge Custom Royal sedan, which I am slowly restoring. My plan is to build it to Super D500 specs with the 361, dual 4's and so on. I have my intake which came from a 1958 De Soto Adventure, but I still need to aquire the correct carbs and air cleaners. I am over in Australia and we had 224 brand new '58 dodges imported Ifrom the USA, all 4 door sedans, but all top model Custom Royals. Our '58's were [CKD] Compleatly Knocked Down, to be built in Chrysler Australia's Adelaide plant. I only know of around 15 or 16 of these vehicles that are left, I'm sure there are a few more waiting to be discovered out there. As for your question on performance, they were a bit of a flyer, with the big 361 in particular. I haven't got any more info at hand. I hope this was of interest to you.............. Andrew.


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